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Problem #14 - Change Item Graphics

(1) Change Graphic names in yoda1.htm-yoda6.htm
Change rice1.jpg to yoda1.jpg in yoda1.htm
Change rice2.jpg to yoda2.jpg in yoda2.htm
Change rice3.jpg to yoda3.jpg in yoda3.htm
Change rice4.jpg to yoda4.jpg in yoda4.htm
Change rice5.jpg to yoda5.jpg in yoda5.htm
Change rice6.jpg to yoda6.jpg in yoda6.htm

(2) Set graphics width and height in yoda1.htm-yoda6.htm
yoda1.jpg: width=181 heigth=250
yoda2.jpg: width=181 heigth=236
yoda3.jpg: width=188 heigth=250
yoda4.jpg: width=150 heigth=202
yoda5.jpg: width=290 heigth=249
yoda6.jpg: width=221 heigth=288

(3) Set graphics Alt Attribute in yoda1.htm-yoda6.htm
yoda1.jpg: Alt = Complete vintage yoda with orange snake
yoda2.jpg: Alt = Yoda Ceramic Vase
yoda3.jpg: Alt = Yoda Shampoo Bottle (unopened)
yoda4.jpg: Alt = Ceramic Yoda Bank
yoda5.jpg: Alt = Yoda salt and pepper shakers
yoda6.jpg: Alt = Authentic Life Size Yoda