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Student Help
Java Survival Skills Resources
1. All Exercises Index (Via Web)
2.  Course Textbook (JavaScript)
3.  Course Textbook (Java Applets)
4.  Java Frequently Asked Questions (Via Web)
5.  General Frequently Asked Questions (Via Web)
6.  Exam Frequently Asked Questions (Via Web)
7.  FTP and WS-ftp Frequently Asked Questions (Via Web)
8.  Technical Frequently Asked Questions (Via Web)
9.  Ordering and Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions (Via Web)
10.  Submit Your Own Question
11.  JavaTM WorkShopTM Web site
12.  Netscape's JavaScript Guide Web site
13.  JavaScript Tip of the Week Web site
14.  Java Goodies Web site
15.  JavaScript Web site
16.  Java Review Services Web site
17.  Script Library/ Java Applets
18.  Sun's Freebie Applets Web site
19.  JavaScript Source Web site
20.  Webmonkey JavaScript Resources

Course Homework
1.  Homework Assignment
2.  Homework Help Form
3.  Homework Submission Form

WebYoda Resources
1.  HTML Quick Reference
2.  HTML Color Names
3.  HTML Color Chart
4.  HTML Special Character Codes
5.  Webmaster Certification Help Pages (Via Web)
6.  Webmaster Certification Book Store (Via Web)
7.  Webmaster Certification Software Store (Via Web)
8.  Webmaster Certification Online Web Site (Via Web)

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