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Hello and welcome to my home page. In here we will be talking about the games from the NES upwards including Sega, Microsoft, Nintendo and anything else. This is a place for users to review video games on their own. If you have a review for a video game in your own words. Send it to me. My e-mail address is listed below. I will only add the games reviewed on the games pages because it will take too much of my time to do. Make sure that the review is suitable for a 9 year old.



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Here is a link to my two form pages. One is for Game reviews the other is about Games I didn't post on my sites.

Note that this website is strictly for developmental/educational purposes only and not for profit.  In addition, the reach of this website is for a very limited audience (a few select teachers, classmates, and family members only).  For these reasons, it is the belief that certain product-related images used on this website should not viewed nor were intended as an infringement of copyright laws.